Author Bio

In a Nutshell

Derek B. Miller is an American novelist and international affairs professional. He is the author of Norwegian by Night; The Girl in Green; American by Day; and the forthcoming Twilight Crimes.

He is a full-time writer or tries to be. It really depends on the day. Here he is happy in Mallorca on a motorcycle trip (2018). Other times, he grows a goatee and mopes.

Early Life and Education

Miller was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Wellesley. Miller's family emigrated from the Jewish Pale of Settlement in Eastern Europe to Massachusetts in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He is married to Camilla Waszink from Norway, and they have two children, Julian and Clara.[1] Miller and his family live in Oslo, Norway.[2]

Miller is a graduate of Wellesley High School (1988), Sarah Lawrence College (B.A. in Liberal Arts, 1992), Georgetown University (M.A. in national security studies from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, 1996), The Graduate Institute (D.E.S in international relations, 1998, and Ph.D. 2004) with top distinction of "tres bien." Miller also studied at the Hebrew University (Israel, 1990–91), where he remained for the duration of the Gulf War, Hunter College (1993), St. Catherine's College at the University of Oxford (1995-1996 in connection with his studies at Georgetown) and finally Linacre College at the University of Oxford on full scholarship from the Europeaum Consortium in connection with his Ph.D. in Geneva.


Miller has worked in international affairs since 1994, starting his career as an intern on Capitol Hill for then-Senator William S. Cohen (R - Maine). He was the founding editor of Georgetown's National Security Studies Quarterly and has held positions with, or consulted for, many think tanks and organizations including The Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations at Geneva; The Small Arms Survey; International Alert; the United Nations Development Programme; and The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research among others. He remains Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy, Salve Regina University, and Research Associate at the Centre on Conflict, Development, and Peacebuilding at the Graduate Institute Geneva.[3] In 2018, Miller helped found and launch New Voices, an initiative of the Swedish-based Stories for Society, that is building a global network of storytellers countering extremism. [4]